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Undergraduate Education: University of Toledo, Toledo, OH

Graduate Education: University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Medical School: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH 

Academic interests 


Tumor immunology in cancers of the head and neck; craniofacial embryology

Recent Publications

Morisada M, Moore EC, Hodge R, Friedman J, Cash HA, Hodge JW, Mitchell JB, Allen CT. Dose-dependent enhancement of T-lymphocyte priming and CTL lysis following ionizing radiation in an engineered model of oral cancer., Oral Oncol. 2017 08; 7187-94

Davis RJ, Moore EC, Clavijo PE, Friedman J, Cash H, Chen Z, Silvin C, Van Waes C, Allen C. Anti-PD-L1 Efficacy Can Be Enhanced by Inhibition of Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells with a Selective Inhibitor of PI3Kδ/γ., Cancer Res. 2017 05; 77(10):2607-2619

Moore E, Clavijo PE, Davis R, Cash H, Van Waes C, Kim Y, Allen C. Established T Cell-Inflamed Tumors Rejected after Adaptive Resistance Was Reversed by Combination STING Activation and PD-1 Pathway Blockade., Cancer Immunol Res 2016 12; 4(12):1061-1071

Moore EC, Cash HA, Caruso AM, Uppaluri R, Hodge JW, Van Waes C, Allen CT. Enhanced Tumor Control with Combination mTOR and PD-L1 Inhibition in Syngeneic Oral Cavity Cancers., Cancer Immunol Res 2016 07; 4(7):611-20

Shah S, Caruso A, Cash H, Waes CV, Allen CT. Pools of programmed death-ligand within the oral cavity tumor microenvironment: Variable alteration by targeted therapies., Head Neck 2016 08; 38(8):1176-86