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Message from the Chair
BLOEDEL: Raible is Endowed Chair 
NEW FUNDING: Horn ♦Lau ♦Bhatt ♦Champaloux, ♦Ikeda ♦Bonilla-Velez ♦Parikh
BRAGS: Ou ♦ Noble ♦ Bly & Dahl ♦ Pulido ♦ Bonilla-Velez ♦ Schmitt ♦ UW Rankings
GIVING: Chin Research Fund
CONFERENCES: Futran ♦ Fall Voice
UPDATES: Meyer ♦ Project West ♦ Jafari
Oto-HNS FAMILY: Babies ♦ Engagements ♦ Norton retirement ♦ In memory of Bruce Tempel


Jafari with fish

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Message from the Chair
BRAGS: Horn ♦ Ali ♦ Bly ♦ Epstein ♦ Richardson ♦ Adidharma ♦ Wandell, Ikeda, Konuthula, Lam join AΩA ♦ Jauregui 
LEADERSHIP: Sie ♦ Merati ♦ Parikh ♦ Women in otolaryngology
TEACHING: Graduation ♦ SLP fellowship ♦ Laryngology series
CLINICAL: Facial nerve center ♦ Head & neck robot ♦ SLP telehealth ♦ Spanish language peds oto clinic
ALUMNI NOTES: Law ♦ Sakano
COMINGS & GOINGS: New faculty Kojima and Jafari ♦ New residents ♦ Farewell to the chiefs ♦ New fellows ♦ New family ♦ Pediatric oto research fair

FALL 2020

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Message from the Chair
♦ Sie ♦ UW rankings ♦ Meyer ♦ Perkins ♦ Kohlberg ♦ Ikeda ♦ Bellairs ♦ Rubel & Raible ♦ Epstein ♦ Head & Neck Team ♦ Parikh ♦ Bly ♦ Law 
Research: ♦ Rising Stars: Abuzeid, Bhatt, Bly, Bonilla-Velez, Kohlberg, Lau, Lu
Comings & Goings ♦ UW Medicine NW: Langman, Lin, Shah, Ummat; ♦ New residents: Loy, Yu, Amin, Shukla; ♦ New fellows: Pang, Johnson, Park, Kidwai, Garber, Johnson; ♦ NURF Speed Mentoring w/Pulido and Jauregui ♦ TACO Research Fair
Alumni: ♦ Esclamado is ABO pres-elect; Mitchell, Golub, Lee, Skirko
Community: ♦ March for Justice


covid-19 drive-thru testing

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Message from the Chair
Brags: ♦ Trio awards to Levine & Sakano ♦ Werner Wins ARO Award of Merit ♦ Rubel Awarded Hartmann & AAS Lifetime prizes ♦ Meyer elected to AΩA ♦ Levine Lands KL-2 ♦ Lu Scores Anderson Prize ♦ Seattle Top Docs ♦ Capri is SCH's MVP 
Training: ♦Anatomy Course
Comings & Goings: ♦ Sie Helps Sisters ♦ Epic Transition with Dahl & Perez ♦ Abuzeid Joins Rhino Faculty


Graduation 2019

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Message from the Chair
♦ Raju & Bly create smartphone app ♦ Meyer article featured for podcast ♦ Research awards for Zenner, Noble, Jauregui, and Wandell ♦ Qureshi, Harbison, Akkina win travel grants ♦ ASPO awards for Liu and Bonilla-Velez ♦ Whipple wins UW Med PRAISE award ♦ Kamizi presents poster ♦ Gibson elected to Husky 100, presents poster ♦ Akkina & Raju elected to AΩA ♦ Rubinstein is NYU visiting professor ♦ Bly awarded Clinical Research Scholars Grant ♦ UW-Oto at COSM 2019
Training: ♦ 8th annual S.O.A.R. ALUMS ♦ Hu inducted into ALA ♦ Lee joins faculty in Chicago
Comings & Goings: ♦ Jauregui at LMSA conference ♦ Noble supports Women in Surgery ♦ Residents' wrap-up ♦ our new Fellows.


Neal's peel

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From the Chair
Brags: ♦ T32 recommended for funding ♦ ​Stone awarded NIDCD R01 ♦ Meyer receives Presidential Citation  ♦ Golub earns Trio Clinical Sci Dev award ♦ Kirkham named inaugural Clinical Scholar ♦ Rubinstein named AIMBE fellow
Alumni Notes: ♦ Alum David Eisele '88 looks back
Comings & Goings: ♦ Giliberto joins laryngology team ♦ International scholar on gender equity ♦ Rhinology surgical sim course ♦ Facial plastics surgical sim course ♦ 26th Annual Crown Point Bowl

FALL 2018

3 residents inducted into AOA

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Leadership: ♦ From the Chair ♦ Merati Takes Gavel ♦ Diversity Initiatives ♦ Global Surgical Outreach
Brags: ♦ New Endowed Chair ♦ Three Residents to AΩA ♦ Fall Voice Record-Breaker ♦ Seattle's Top Docs
Research: ♦ Genetics of H&N Cancer ♦ Peds Oto Research Fair
Clinical: ♦ Summer Sinus Course ♦ Two Join UW Oto Faculty ♦ Cancer Symposium
Training: ♦ Oto Emergencies Bootcamp ♦ 2018 Grad Symposium ♦ Residents' Scholarship♦ 
Comings & Goings 
Alumni Notes



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In memory of: ♦ Eduardo Méndez, MD ♦ Alice J. Wanamaker
Leadership: From the chair
Brags: ♦ Rubinstein pres-elect of Politzer Society ♦ Méndez pilot grant award goes to Qureshi ♦ Miller takes 2nd Place Ferguson award ♦ Padia takes 3rd Place Ferguson award ♦ Resnick scores two fellowships ♦ Coppess wins Cohen & Magnuson prizes ♦ Sardesai on NPR re: tea, honey, lemon ♦ Parikh is WWAMI Pro honoree ♦ Jara article on ENTU cover
Research: ♦ FDA OKs new drug to protect hearing ♦ CPAP can improve sex life for some
Clinical: ♦ New facial nerve mapping technique ♦ Rhinology "firsts"
Training: ♦ Residents wrap up great year ♦ UW airway experts in Costa Rica ♦ Honduras medical mission strong at 10yrs
Alumni notes: ♦ UW alums sweep Trio awards ♦ Newlands team at Knowledge Bowl ♦ Mitchell helps launch DHH clinic
News: ♦ Grad Symposium - June 15 ♦ Summer Sinus Symposium - July 12-14 ♦ Endo Ear, ET, & Sinus Surgery Course - June 7 & 8 ♦ Save the date: Fall Voice Conference Oct 25-27


Two Oto residents

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Leadership: From the chair  Sigsbee Duck leads Triological Society
Brags: AAO'S Committee Excellence award  Atmakuri poster best in show at AAO  Lee poster takes 1st prize at ARS  New rankings: UW among world's best
Research: Measuring auditory acuity of infants with cochlear implants  Landmark infantile hemangioma study
Clinical: Spotlight on our chiefs  3-D simulation surgery 
Training: Introducing our new fellows  Meet our new residents  Surgical sim course report
Alumni notes: Women in oto: Keiko Hirose '99
News: Shanghai clinic collaboration  Women matter: Work-life balance in oto  Annual NW voice conference
Staff notes
Contributors to this issue: 
Neal Futran, MD, DMD; Al Merati, MD, Editor; David Horn, MD, MS; Jay Rubinstein, MD, PhD; Jamie Litvack, MD, MPH; Kathy Sie, MD. 

FALL 2017

Eclipse viewing

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Leadership: From the chair  Merati is AAO-HNS President-Elect  Past chair Cummings muses
Brags: Seattle Met mag's top docs  Ou is Seattle Children's MVP  Weaver heads VA committee
Research: Ears out of ribs
Clinical: Facial plastics update 
Training: Oto resident bootcamp  ENTDosedDaily's question  Jara awarded NIH F32
Alumni: Doug Girod '91
News: Doyle new Oto-HNS Director  UW Oto at AAO-HNS   Surgical simulation course   NW Voice conference
Contributors to this issue: Al Merati, MD, Editor; Neal Futran, MD, DMD; Charles Cummings, MD; Kris Moe, MD; Maya Sardesai, MD; Kathy Sie, MD; Michelle Doyle.


Vol 1 No 1 - May 2017

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Leadership: From the chair 
Brags: UW Oto worldwide top 10 Parikh chairs AAO-HNS govs #ILookLikeASurgeon Seattle Top Docs MSTP poster prize 
Research:  Head & neck oncology: WEE1 and transoral robotic surgery Vestibular hair cell regeneration
Clinical: Jaw in a day  Rhino/skull base expansion
Training: Alumni spotlight: Roland Lamkin Clerkships Graduating chiefs & new residents Mission in Honduras  Resident emergencies boot camp  Facial plastics & rhino surgical simulation course Grad symposium
Contributors to this issue: Al Merati, MD, Editor; Neal Futran, MD; Karen Jasper; Eduardo Méndez, MD; Jennifer Stone, PhD; Greg Davis, MD; Kathy Sie, MD; Al Hillel, MD; Tanya Meyer, MD; Kaalan Johnson, MD; Maya Sardesai, MD.