UW and visiting students may elect to take either a 2-week or 4-week clerkship rotating at any of the affiliated hospitals (Children's Hospital and Medical Center, Harborview Medical Center, Pacific Medical Center, Veteran's Administration, University of Washington Medical Center).

Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (OTO-HNS) encompasses both medical and surgical management of the head and neck. The field includes all aspects of the airway, digestive tract, sinus disease, ear disease, head and neck cancer, and reconstructive surgery. The clerkships offer exposure to all areas of OTO-HNS. Specific emphasis can be selected by the student with their choice of a particular site of practice. The 2 week clerkship is designed for students who want an introduction to the field, while the 4 week clerkship is designed for students who want in depth exposure to specialty.

Rotations at UW Hospitals (UWMC, Harborview, Seattle Children’s Hospital, and the Veteran’s Hospital) offer an exposure to subspecialty practices. Rotations at non-UW Hospitals offer a more general practice experience.


Completion of the HuBio series. The clerkship is open to 3rd and 4th year students. Medicine and/or Surgery required pre-requisite clerkships. Exceptions can be made for special circumstances of a student’s schedule.


The department offers 2 and/or 4 week clerkship rotations in Seattle at Harborview, UWMC, VA Puget Sound, and Seattle Children’s Hospital. There are also several rotations offered at sites in the WWAMI region.

Please visit the University of Washington School of Medicine’s Catalog here for a complete listing of courses offered and to view availability, visit E-Value.  For questions, please contact the otolaryngology clerkship administrator at otoadmin@uw.edu.


The Otolaryngology Diversity Visiting Medical Student Program is a scholarship program designed to encourage students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to experience the exceptional training that the University of Washington Department of Otolaryngology has to offer. Students will spend four weeks with the Department of Otolaryngology at the University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Harborview Medical Center or Puget Sound Veteran’s Administrative Hospital and care for a variety of patients in our tertiary care centers. Students will participate in all the duties and functions of a medical student. They will also be expected to attend all scheduled house staff teaching sessions and conferences. Read full program announcement and apply.

UW StudENT MedEd

UW StudENT MedEd is a collection of electronic mini-courses on otolaryngology – head and neck surgery (HNS) topics. These are primarily geared for primary care and oto-interested medical students on otolaryngology rotations. The courses consist of videos with associated readings and web resources for further exploration of the topic. Each topic may include associated cases and may address advanced subtopics. These mini-courses are designed and produced by UW medical students interested in otolaryngology-HNS, with a UW Otolaryngology-HNS faculty serving as lead for each subspecialty.




Students who wish to report mistreatment or a serious concern that doesn’t require immediate response are encouraged to use the Learning Environment Feedback Tool by clicking on this link.  In this tool, you will be able to provide a description of your concern and indicate your follow-up preference and how you would like your feedback shared. You will have the option of reporting completely anonymously and indicating how you want your identity and the identity of anyone else involved in the situation to be shared. 


Washington state law requires that UW develop a policy for accommodation of student absences or significant hardship due to reasons of faith or conscience, or for organized religious activities. The UW’s policy, including more information about how to request an accommodation, is available at Religious Accommodations Policy. Accommodations must be requested within the first two weeks of this course using the Religious Accommodations Request Form.
In order to plan accommodations that will avoid possible delays in course/clerkship end dates, UW SOM recommends students complete the  Religious Accommodations Request Form in advance of the start date of their course or clerkship.




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