Basic Science Program

We seek to enhance understanding of fundamental processes involved in hearing, vocal communication, balance, and cancer of the head and neck.

Our goals are 1) to create new levels of fundamental understanding of biological systems related to Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery and 2) to provide biological foundations for translational and clinical research aimed at developing innovative approaches to enhance human health and communication. Our research ranges from the study of molecular and genetic bases of single cells to the production and perception of communication signals.  It extends to understanding development, death and regeneration of the organs and systems involved in hearing, balance, vocal communication, and mechanisms underlying the initiation and spread of cancer in the head and neck.  Methods used include genetics, genomics and gene expression analyses, electrophysiology, cell culture, light and electron microscopy, computational modeling, and various analyses of animal behavior and human perception. We employ a strong interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to address a wide variety of research problems.