T-32 Potential Primary Research Mentors and Research Project Mentors

Potential Primary Research Mentors

The following investigators expressed interest in serving as a Primary Research Mentor to our Research Trainees. Each has demonstrated commitment to research training at pre- and/or post-doctoral levels and has an active federally funded research program in the NIDCD mission.

Ward Drennan, PhD
Dr. Drennan is Research Assistant Professor in OtoHNS, with an affiliation in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences. His interests are to improve and optimize outcome measures in audiology. He has held a NIH R01 that developed clinically viable, non-linguistic perceptual assessments of cochlear implant candidacy and outcomes. His current work - on evaluating perceptual and physiological consequences of noise exposure among people with clinically "normal" hearing - is supported by the Department of Defense. Dr. Drennan has mentored two predoctoral Audiology students.

Research Project Mentors

The following clinical faculty serve as Research Project Mentors. They have strong research interests and partner with Primary Research Mentors to oversee research training. 

Randy Bly, MD, Pediatric OtoHNS. Dr. Bly is an Assistant Professor, clinician-scientist in OTO-HNS at UW and Seattle Children’s Hospital. As adjunct faculty through the UW College of Engineering, Dr. Bly, Dr. Moe, and Dr. Hannaford lead the UW BioRobotics Lab that is comprised of a team of engineers and surgeons whose focus includes sinus, skull/cranial base research, surgical planning, and designing cutting edge innovations in medicine. Dr. Bly, in partnership with UW engineers, developed smartphone technology to detect ear infections and are currently exploring other mobile advances in health care. His research is funded by the Clinical Research Scholars Program from Seattle Children’s Center for Clinical and Translational Research, and focuses on surgical planning to improve outcomes in pediatric cranial base surgery. Dr. Bly has served as Research Mentor for several Resident Research trainees. 

John "Jake" Dahl, MD, PhD, MBA
Assistant Professor, UW Otolaryngology (Pediatric Otolaryngology). Dr. Dahl has research interests in congenital airway and vascular malformations that can impact speech and communication. 

Kaalan Johnson, MD, Pediatric OtoHNS. Dr. Johnson studies surgical simulation, including procedures for improving vocal cord function in infants, ear tube placement in children, and sinus surgery.

Tanya Meyer, MD, Laryngology. Dr. Meyer studies outcomes in spasmodic dysphonia and voice disorders.

Kris Moe, MD, Facial Plastics & Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Moe performs research on surgical planning and measurement relevant to organs of smell, taste and hearing, and other organs of the head and neck.

Jonathan Perkins, MD, Pediatric OtoHNS. Dr. Perkins is an experienced academic clinician who focuses on vascular anomaly treatment and translational research to develop innovative vascular anomaly therapies. He leads a very large multidisciplinary vascular anomaly clinical and research team that collects an abundant supply of clinical pathology and diseased human tissue to use in basic science and clinical outcomes research. For the past fourteen years he has methodically worked to create a usable vascular anomalies clinical outcomes database, while simultaneously saving vascular anomaly tissue in a biorepository. Dr. Perkins’ research focuses on comprehensively study the phenotypic and molecular characteristics of these often devastating vascular lesions.

Sanjay Parikh, MD, Pediatric OtoHNS. Dr. Parikh has a research interest in understanding the role of sleep endoscopy in children and standardizing diagnostic and treatment algorithms. He also has a research interest in standardizing the perioperative management of tracheotomy care in children to improve safety and outcomes.

Kathy Sie, MD, Pediatric OtoHNS. Dr. Sie studies disorders affecting communication in children