"I don’t believe in the wisdom of children, nor in the wisdom of the old. There is a moment, a cusp, when the sum of gathered experience is worn down by the details of the living. We are never so wise as when we live in the moment." – Paul Kalanithi


Undergraduate Education: University of South Carolina, Arnold School of Public Health, Columbia, SC, B.S., 2010
Graduate School / Medical School: Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA, M.D., 2017

Academic interests 


Head and neck trauma, head & neck surgery, pediatric otolaryngology, general otolaryngology.


Pediatric airway malformations, airway imaging, pediatric otolaryngology, reconstructive surgery, tissue engineering, osteoinduction.

Recent Publications

Loy KA, Lam AS, Franz AM, Martin LD, Manning SC, Ou HC, Perkins JA, Parikh SR, Low DK, Dahl JP. Impact of Eliminating Local Anesthesia on Immediate Postoperative Analgesia in Pediatric Ambulatory Adenotonsillectomy., Pediatr Qual Saf ; 6(3):e405

Lam AS, Bindschadler MD, Evans KN, Friedman SD, Otjen JP, Zdanski CJ, Perez FA, Dahl JP. 4D Computed Tomography for Dynamic Upper Airway Evaluation in Robin Sequence., Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 2021 Mar1945998211002156

Lam AS, Kirkham EM, Dahl JP, Kinter SL, Perkins JA, Sie KCY. Speech Outcomes After Sphincter Pharyngoplasty for Velopharyngeal Insufficiency., Laryngoscope 2021 Jun; 131(6):E2046-E2052

Lam AS, Liu CC, Deutsch GH, Rivera J, Perkins JA, Holmes G, Jabs EW, Cunningham ML, Dahl JP. Genotype-Phenotype Correlation of Tracheal Cartilaginous Sleeves and Fgfr2 Mutations in Mice., Laryngoscope 2021 04; 131(4):E1349-E1356

Loy KA, Lam AS, Otjen JP, Dahl JP. Tracheal cartilaginous sleeve diagnosed on ultrasound in a child with Pfeiffer syndrome., Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol 2020 Nov; 138110321