Supplementary Residency Education Zoom Talks

In response to limitations on resident educational opportunities during the current Covid pandemic, UW Otolaryngology-HNS launched a series of supplemental residency education talks held remotely via Zoom. Faculty were asked to present on topics of their own choosing. These talks were by design less formal, more interactive, and more local than the daily webinars. Discussions were in a format faculty would typically use in the OR when doing cases. As the situation continues, the regular Wednesday morning conferences are being held via Zoom, and many of these recordings are now also being included. There is normally a delay of several days before recordings appear in the list. 

Thanks to all for your flexibility and contribution towards mitigating the negative impacts of Covid on our residents' education!

Tanya Meyer and Maya Sardesai
April 2020

Please click the links below to view the zoom recordings. (You will have the option to view in full screen mode.)

Fri-4/17/2020: Jay Rubinstein, MD, PhD
Everything you always wanted to know about cochlear implants but were afraid to ask 
(Please note the recording begins a few miniutes into the session.)

Tue-4/21/2020: Tanya Meyer, MD
Direct laryngoscopy position and techniques

Thu-4/23/2020: Gavriel Kohlberg, MD
How to find facial nerve in mastoid with no air cells

Fri-4/24/2020: Landon Massoth, MD
Orbital complications of endoscopic sinus surgery

Mon-4/27/2020: Maya Sardesai, MD
Midface trauma

Tue-4/28/2020: Maya Sardesai, MD
Facial analysis

Fri-5/1/2020: Jay Rubinstein, MD, PhD
Complications of cholesteatoma

Fri-5/8/2020: Nina Lu, MD
FPRS oral case review

Wed-5/13/2020: Brittany Barber, MD
Head & neck potpourri

Fri-5/15/2020: Lisa Zughni, MS, CCC-SLP
Total laryngectomy and alaryngeal voice restoration

Wed-5/20/2020: Jay Rubinstein, MD, PhD
Management of Meniere's disease

Wed-5/20/2020: Adam Hill, MD
Physician wellness

Wed-5/20/2020: Manny Jauregui, MD
Research update: Stimulus-evoked cFos activity is not restored by hair cell regeneration following vestibular hair cell destruction

Wed-5/20/2020: Corey Ambrose, MS4
Research update: Vestibular and auditory dysfunction in subjects with cognitive impairment

Wed-5/20/2020: Emily Wilson, MS, CCC-SLP
Laryngeal videostroboscopy

Wed-5/27/2020: Upendra Parvathaneni, MBBS, FRANZCR
Head and Neck RT for ENT residents

Wed-5/27/2020: Cristina Rodriguez, MD
Systemic therapy in squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck

Wed-7/1/2020: Vidya Atluri, MD
COVID-19 for ENT

Wed-7/22/2020: Tanya Meyer, MD
Airway Emergencies

Wed-7/29/2020: Jennifer Stone, PhD
Research Training Program

Wed-7/29/2020: Jay Rubinstein, MD PhD
Perioperative Neurotology

Wed-8.05/2020: Clifford Hume, MD
Otology On Call

Wed-8/05/2020: Ian Humphreys, DO
IFS On Call

Wed-8/05/2020: Mark Whipple, MD
Deep Neck Space Invasions

Wed-8/12/2020: Nina Lu, MD
Facial Lacerations