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If you have had multiple episodes of tonsillitis that have been documented by your primary care provider in the past several years, tonsillectomy may be indicated. Guidelines include seven episodes of tonsillitis over the past year, five episodes over each of the past two years, or three episodes over each of the past three years. 

If you are a new patient please call (206) 598-4022 and ask to make an appointment for a hearing test. If you are an establish patient and have been seen in our clinic about your hearing before please call (206) 598-7528. 

Note: If you experience a sudden change in your hearing time can be of the essence, if any necessary medical treatment is to work. Please contact your physician right away and ask to have your hearing assessment as soon as possible.

Obstructive sleep apnea is a disorder where a person chokes temporarily but repeatedly during sleep.  Sometimes these choking episodes can by severe and appear life-threatening to an observer.  Often there is loud snoring between the choking episodes.

Snoring treatment is aimed at reversing factors that induce or worsen snoring, like sleep position, nasal congestion, and use of sedatives.  When it persists, then procedures to stiffen the tissues in the throat can help reduce snoring.  First is it important to rule out obstructive sleep apnea.

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