Bhatt Lab Develops GlottIC: An Innovative App to Quantify Vocal Atrophy

Neel Bhatt, MD, with GlottIC app screen shots
Neel Bhatt, MD, with GlottIC app screen shots

Neel Bhatt, MD, in collaboration with his colleagues, has spearheaded an new mobile app to quantify vocal atrophy through GlottIC (Glottal Image Capture). This research app simplifies the assessment of vocal atrophy, a condition that is highly prevalent in aging and neurodegenerative disease. GlottIC was recently introduced at this year’s Fall Voice Conference in Washington D.C. In the two months since its launch, the app is already being used by researchers and clinicians across the US. It facilitates anonymized data sharing with the Bhatt lab, which has received hundreds of data points from users. This valuable data may reveal nuanced insights into vocal atrophy based on age, diagnosis, and more – an important leap forward in the field.

Shown above are Dr. Bhatt with three screen shots of the new app:
Figure 1: Users are able to opt-in to sharing their de-identified research data
Figure 2: Users can quickly calculate the degree of vocal fold bowing
Figure 3: Key voice and swallowing data can be shared