Henry Ou is Seattle Children’s Family Choice pick

Ou Minecraft 1

Seattle, WA | 02.04.2022

Amanda Maier


UW Otolaryngology-HNS professor Henry Ou, M.D., M.A., received a 2021 Family Choice Award from Seattle Children's. This is the only award exclusively nominated by patients and their families and voted on by the Family Advisory Council. For the past 25 years, families have nominated those special individuals who truly partner with kids and parents during their experience at Children’s.

"Minecraft," according to a piece in the Children's newsletter On the Pulse, "is a video game that allows players to virtually explore a 3D world with different terrain and environments to accomplish various tasks or missions — a virtual LEGO world of sorts. Over the past 18 months, Dr. Ou has taken thousands of videos and photographs around the hospital and spent hundreds of hours during his personal time designing a Minecraft version of the hospital building."