Meyer/Maronian Publication

Meyer, Maronian, Cabrera
Meyer, Maronian, Cabrera

Congratulations to UW Oto professor Tanya Meyer, MD, and former UW Oto laryngology fellow Nicole Maronian, MD, for their recent article “The Development of Head and Neck Cancer in Patients with the Isolated Complaint of Globus Pharyngeus” published in The Laryngoscope!
This collaboration piece with University Hospital aims to identify the incidence of head and neck cancer (HNC) in patients diagnosed with Globus pharyngeus (GP) which accounts for 4% of referrals to otolaryngologists. Notably, this is the largest study to-date to report the percentage of patients diagnosed with GP to then subsequently develop HNC. This helps otolaryngologists to reassure patients who have a normal comprehensive exam.

Pictured above from left: Dr. Meyer, Dr. Maronian, and co-author Claudia Cabrera, MD, MS.
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