Residents and fellows win awards from ASPO

ASPO winners
ASPO winners

Congratulations to our residents and fellows for awards received at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology (ASPO) held in May in Dallas, TX. 

BEST VIDEO PRESENTATION: Jonathan "Nate" Perkins, DO, our 2021-22 UW  pediatric otolaryngology fellow, in collaboration with Grace Wandell, MD, current UW Oto-HNS resident, produced the winning video titled "That is one hairy polyp!" 

BASIC SCIENCE POSTER AWARD: Our 2021-22 pediatric otolaryngology fellow, Clare Richardson, MD, won 2nd place for "Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Changes in Tracheal Airflow After Slide Tracheoplasty in 3D Printed Models;" and 3rd place for "Advanced Surgical Planning for Slide Tracheoplasty Using Patient Specific 3D Printed Models."

WILLIAM POTSIC BASIC SCIENCE AWARD: Kaitlyn Zenner, MD, current UW Oto-HNS resident, won 1st Place for "Characterization of single and double TEK mutation in unifocal and multifocal venus malformation," and Jo Bellairs, MD, current UW Oto-HNS resident, won 3rd Place for "An in vivo biomarker for evaluating the biologic characteristics of ototoxic drugs and novel therapeutics that mitigate ototoxicity."