Research Areas

Our Research Mission

As scientists focused on advancing the state-of-the-art in otolaryngology, we remain steadfast in our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion across all facets of our research mission. This begins with our personnel, who are the foundation of this mission. We review applications from and actively seek to recruit a diverse and inclusive research team, from medical students to post-doctoral scientists to faculty researchers to staff who support our research endeavors.

We firmly believe that this strategy results in the development of research projects with clearly specified aims intended to benefit a wide cross-section of our society including marginalized and minority groups. Indeed, as it relates to human subject inclusion for clinical trials, we require that recruitment criteria facilitate the enrollment of subjects from a wide range of groups independent of, for example, gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, or religious status.

Ultimately, our focus on equity, diversity and inclusion is rooted in the belief that our research is only as robust as the team that contributes to its design, execution, and analysis, and only as translatable as the population who volunteer to participate in these studies.