Throat, Voice, Swallowing and Airway

The University of Washington laryngology program is a productive and well-regarded center for clinical research related to the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of voice, airway and swallowing disorders. There is an ongoing interchange with colleagues in Speech and Hearing Sciences to help advance our shared areas of clinical care and scholarly interest.

Pediatric airway malformations and cranio-facial abnormalities:

  • John Dahl, MD, PhD, MBA
  • Kaalan Johnson, MD

Chronic/neurogenic cough:

  • JP Giliberto, MD

Outcomes and occupational impact of voice disorders:

  • Tanya Meyer, MD

Vocal fold paralysis:

  • Albert Merati, MD
  • Neel Bhatt, MD

Regenerative techniques to improve voice, airway and swallowing disorders

  • Neel Bhatt, MD

Sleep Apnea:

  • Ed Weaver, MD, MPH
  • Sanjay Parikh, MD (pediatric)

Research on Medical Educations:

  • Maya Sardesai, MD, MEd
  • Mark Whipple, MD

Faculty researchers

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